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THe Concept


The Gourdies are a loveable group of unique, family friendly pumpkin characters who live in an enchanting pumpkin world called Gourdville. Join Gourdo and his friends as he adventures into the magical pumpkin lands of Gourdville.


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Jack ‘O’ Lantern Journey is the leader in family friendly Halloween entertainment around the country. Debbi Katz MSED, the CEO and Creative Producer, decided it was time to expand the brand. The Gourdies were born.

why gourdies?

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Everyone loves HALLOWEEN.

Pumpkins bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to experience the magic of the Halloween season. Halloween is the number 2 financially grossing industry, just behind Christmas. Halloween is a 10 billion dollar industry celebrated around the globe.




Pumpkins are a great vehicle for teaching educational lessons in a fun way. In Gourdo's first adventure, he learns the fundamental truth, “you can BE whoever you want to be”. The opportunities for learning with Gourdo are endless - ranging from social and  emotional, to the exploration of life experience and problem solving.

The Halloween space doesn’t have lovable, fun, educational characters that children can relate to. Our Gourdies can be 3D sculptures, photo ops, movies, animated videos, social media sensations, animations, games, plush toys, mascots, storybooks, live events, etc.

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